Christmas Advent Calendars to Print Your Family will Love

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As we near Christmas, I think it’s great to remember why we celebrate this season. Teaching children to focus on Christ during a time when gifts and gimme’s are often the focus can be a real challenge. Today I’m sharing some fun Christmas Advent Calendars to print.

Be sure to grab my 25 Names of Jesus Advent Calendar at the bottom of this post!

Christmas Advent Calendars to Print @

In our house we don’t follow the liturgical calendar as protestants, but I do like to do activities with my kids leading up to Christmas. Often Advent is used as a way to remember what Jesus did and what He will do.

  • The first Advent was when Jesus came into this world as a baby.
  • The second Advent will be when Jesus returns at the end of time and takes His people to heaven.

According to the dictionary, Advent means:

  1. a coming into place, view, or being; arrival:the advent of the holiday season.
  2. the coming of Christ into the world.
  3. the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas, observed in commemoration of the coming of Christ into the world.
  4. Second Coming

I love what Ann Voskamp says about the Advent season: 

So there’s this pause and investing in what matters.
There is a Stilling.

Each day of Advent, He gives the gift of time — so we have time to be still and wait.

Wait for the coming of the God in the manger who makes Himself bread for us near starved.

For the Savior in swaddlings who makes Himself the robe of righteousness for us worn out.

Are you anticipating the arrival of Christ?

Christmas Advent Calendars to Print

How do Advent Calendars Work?

You can include any sweet activity into your celebration of Advent. To me the goal is to include ideas that will help you grow closer to Christ, remember His gift, and help your children anticipate with fondness Christmas Day.

It’s the season of anticipation!

Some Advent calendars are made to print. You can also buy Advent calendars that are ready to use. Some Advent calendars may have doors or boxes you open.

Advent Calendar Activities & Ideas

If you are making your own Advent Calendar, here are some ideas for things and activities you can include this year:

I hope you enjoy these ideas and that you find a Christmas Advent Calendar to print for your family. You can download my 25 Day Scripture Cards: Christmas ADVENTures in Prophecy below!

Free Printable Advent Calendar Scripture Cards

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