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Cleaning the Stove {Day 35}

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How to Clean the Stove @ AVirtuousWoman.org

From Chaos to Calm: Day Thirty-Five

Cleaning the Stove

Scripture Memory: “So let us celebrate the festival, not by eating the old bread of wickedness and evil, but by eating the new bread of purity and truth.” 1 Corinthians 5:8 (NLT)

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Cleaning the Stove Top: Daily:
1. Begin cooking with a clean stove.
2. While cooking, wipe up any spills immediately as is safe. Do not try to wipe up spills if you will risk a burn.
3. For baked on food and grease, use a mild abrasive such as Bar Keepers Friend.
4. Always Wipe down the stove top as part of your daily kitchen clean up.
* Cooking at high temperatures will cause food to spill and splatter more frequently.*

Cleaning the Stove Top: Weekly:
1. Remove electric burners or gas burner grates
and burner drip pans.
2. Place grates and drip pans in the sink. Spray with a fume free oven cleaner or other heavy duty cleaner and let soak.
3. Remove any excess food crumbs or spills.
4. Using a mild abrasive such as Bar Keepers Friend, sprinkle powder over baked on grease (often found around drip pan edges).
5. Wet a sponge or other cleaning cloth.
6. Squeeze out most of the moisture so it is not dripping, but leave very damp.
7. Begin scrubbing until the moisture is gone. Rinse and Repeat as needed until the stove top is clean.
8. Using a clean cloth or sponge, wipe down the entire outside of the stove, as well as under knobs.
9. Raise the stove top to clean underneath and proceed in a similar fashion until the underside is clean.
10. Line with aluminum foil, to prevent this step in the future. If you have already been lining your stove with the foil, simply replace with fresh foil.
11. Lower stove top.
12. Using hot sudsy water and your cleaning cloth or sponge, wipe the walls and cabinets around the stove to remove food and grease splatters.
13. Fill sink with hot water and scrub drip pans and/ or gas burner grates. Rinse.
14. After drip pans and/ or are dry, return them to the stove.
15. Wipe electric burners, while cool, with a damp cloth and return to stove.

Cleaning the Oven: Weekly:
*If you have a self cleaning oven, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Do not use commercial cleaning products in these ovens.*
1. For non-self-cleaning ovens, use a good commercial oven cleaner. The fume free ones are more pleasant to use. Be careful not to breathe the fumes, wear a dust mask if you need to.
2. Evenly coat the entire surface of the oven.
3. Allow to soak for the recommended amount of time.
4. Wearing rubber gloves, wipe out the oven using paper towels or an old rag.
5. Using a damp cloth, wipe out the stove to remove leftover residue.

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How to Clean the Stove @ AVirtuousWoman.org

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  1. I detest cleaning the oven it is such a chore,I only clean the oven every six month's.But I just got an ah ha moment,you said clean the oven every week and I thought that really would make sense to do it weekly would make it so much easier.I'm going to try it!

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