How to Find Peace Today

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Sometimes it’s just really hard not to stress, worry, or fret. Especially when life in general feels out of control. That’s why today I’m sharing five things you can do when you feel overwhelmed by life and want to find peace.

How to Find Peace Today @

Does life every feel out of control? I know I’ve felt that way. Real life is rarely easy. And real life can be very messy.

Real life has bumps and pot holes along the way. But the good news is that we have a Savior who is always there ready to comfort our weary hearts.

You can find peace today.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6,7

I want you to know, really know, that God loves you. Peace

How to Find Peace Today

Here are four things you can do when you feel overwhelmed by life and want to find peace:

1. Pray

The first and most important thing you can do (and should do} is ask God for help. I know that sometimes it might feel as if God doesn’t hear your prayers – especially when you are in the thick of turmoil.

God answers prayer in three different ways.

  1. Sometimes He says, “Yes, child. Now is the time.”
  2. Sometimes He says, “Child, I love you and you think this is best for you, but I know better.”
  3. Sometimes He says, “My child, I know you are anxious, but you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer – because I know the beginning from the end. And if you could see how things will work together for good you would understand why.”

We need to trust that God’s plan is the best plan. Even when we can’t understand right now. I want to encourage you today that God does hear your prayers and He feels your pain. I’ve had many prayers answered after years of praying. There is always hope.

2. Set Priorities

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by life because we’ve lost sight of our priorities. What is really important? Are you too busy? Do you spend too much time doing things that are selfish? Or maybe you don’t manage your time well.

Whatever the reason, it never hurts to re-evaluate your priorities and determine whether or not how you spend your time lines up with your priorities.

How to Find Peace Today @

3. Set Boundaries

I’m a people pleaser. I enjoy serving my family. I enjoy serving at church. I often feel guilty when saying no – or even standing up for myself.

However, I’ve learned the hard way that it is important to set boundaries within our relationships, at home, and with our time if we want to be emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy.

4. Get Organized

And finally, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and your home is in chaos or disorder, it’s likely time to really get organized. Clutter can take over quite quickly and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by clutter – especially if other areas of your life have been chaotic.

Getting your home really organized, though, does not happen overnight. It takes time and effort. And then it requires maintenance if you want to stay organized.

If you, like me, feel like the nooks and crannies of your home are in severe need of some TLC – or even the whole house – you need to make a plan.

A plan of action will help you move from dreaming to doing. Change requires action.

Action Steps to Take Today

  1. Spend some time in prayer and contemplation about your life and home.
  2. Ask God to show you how you can better spend your time.
  3. Choose one small area of your home to better organize today that will help you have less stress.
  4. Download my free printable prayer journal, “Be Still and Know I Am God” below.

Free Printable Prayer Journal

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  1. Number 3 was it for me! My primary love language is acts of service, but I find that it can be overwhelming. Thank you for reminding me to find peace in that love language.
  2. I am less than 2 months away from the arrival of my second and feeling overwhelmed. I have a very long list of things that I would like to get done. Most importantly though, I have been slacking in my time spent with God and I know I need to make that my priority. Looking forward to this series!
    1. Hi Melissa! How exciting to be expecting again. This is the perfect time to get organized and work on your prayer life. You're smart to work on it now before the new baby comes. I'm so glad your joining me. :)
  3. I enjoy your writing so much! Thanks for sharing y our God-given talents and helping me to find peace through the chaos of our lives! Your ideas are awesome! God bless and Happy New Year!
    1. Hi Jane! Thank you so much for blessing me with your kind words. I hope and pray that you and each of the other ladies joining me that we can all find peace and order in the coming month! Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks for joining me.
  4. I start my day asking God for his help with my strength, energy and focus, to help me to honor Him with everything I do and say. It's too big a job for me to do on my own. I can do nothing without Him. Linda
  5. My life motto is ~psalm 19:14~ and my biggest struggle is remaining calm in the chaos of things. Perfect timing for a message/series/study I needed to hear at this time in my life. Isn't God wonderful like that. I will def be following along.
  6. I am so thankful for this series!! I was doing well with my personal Bible time and prayer journal, after following along with an online Bible study. And I DID feel more at peace, calmer..until I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant with our 4th child, and had lots of sickness at first. I couldn't drag myself out of bed, and my housekeeping routine, my Bible time, menu, all fell to the wayside.. Now I am feeling better but overwhelmed with my daily responsibilities, getting a routine going again..and I feel like our small house is closing in on us, drowning in too much stuff! I have tried so many times in the past to make a household planner, printed them off but they weren't quite right for my work schedule ( I work 2 days a week as an RN ), our routine etc and nothing ever "stuck". I desperately want to get a handle on these things before our new arrival in April!!
    1. Aubrey, God bless you. You are so precious to Him. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Change takes time and I will be talking about that soon. There is always hope so don't get discouraged. See you tomorrow!
  7. Your material is a must read, thank you, am in stage in my life where I asking God for peace in my mind and courage in my heart
  8. Hello! I love your website. I was wondering if you had the chaos to calm or the 31 days to calm the chaos steps in printable form. I love looking around for christian homemaking help on the net but sometimes I get a little sidetracked. I'm also a paper and pen kinda gal. If you have any suggestions, that would be great.
      1. Thank you for responding! I love your posts. I printed out each page on 31 day of calm. It took awhile but worth it. I'd love to see more printables. Thank you again!
      2. Also, I signed up for the homemaking ministry conference and I'm super excited. I think I first saw it on your website.