15+ Ideas to Bless Your Marriage

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15+ Ideas to Bless Your Marriage @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. —Ephesians 4:2

Every marriage has it’s ups and downs. And some years are harder than others. Marriage requires a willingness to forgive and love unconditionally. A good marriage is made of two people who respect each other’s differences. Pride can keep a marriage from being truly great.

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A few years ago, my husband and I went through a rough patch. Things were hard and it was difficult to not be constantly irritated with each other. One day after a long talk we both made the decision to try harder. Try harder at things like:

  • not bringing up the past
  • not being so self-defensive
  • not being impatient with each other

We had to make a conscious choice to love more. 

15+ Ideas to Bless Your Marriage @ AVirtuousWoman.org

For me, choosing to love more, wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. I had allowed past resentments to build up in my heart and I needed to let those things go. I had to re-learn to love my husband with an unconditional love. It’s so easy {at least for me} when you are married to a man who is “supposed to be” a godly man to judge when his behavior seems less than godly. I mean, he should know better, right?


Okay, so, really, that’s pride talking. I should know better too! 

I married an fallible man who does make mistakes, who sometimes says things he shouldn’t say, who acts in thoughtless ways from time to time. He’s human.

I purchased a few reminders for our bedroom of my decision to love more. Things like a pillow for our bed that says, “Always Kiss Me Goodnight.” And a sign for our bathroom that says, “Mr. & Mrs… And they lived happily ever after.” And another sign for our bedroom that reads, “If I could do my life over again, I’d find you sooner so I could love you longer.”

You don’t have to buy things to help you remember to love your husband more. I don’t really need them. But it made me happy to see them each day, reminding me that having a great marriage is a choice I’m making.

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Marriage is a gift that God gave us. Ideally, a husband and wife are a team working together to reach common goals, support one another, and lift each other up. I’m so thankful for my husband. He’s a hard worker, a good provider, and a generous man. Everyday, he lays down his life so that my life can be better.

10 Ideas to Bless Your Marriage

What’s keeping you from having the marriage of your dreams? Here’s 10 Ideas for help you have your best marriage this year:

5 Books to Bless Your Marriage

The Love Dare by Alex Kendrick

I recently received this book and can’t wait to get into it! If you’ve never seen the movie Fireproof starring Kirk Cameron, you really should watch it! I’ve seen it several times and love it.

Unconditional love is eagerly promised at weddings, but rarely practiced in real life. As a result, romantic hopes are often replaced with disappointment in the home. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

The Love Dare, the New York Times No. 1 best seller that has sold five million copies and was major plot device in the popular movie Fireproof, is a 40-day challenge for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love. Whether your marriage is hanging by a thread or healthy and strong, The Love Dare is a journey you need to take. It’s time to learn the keys to finding true intimacy and developing a dynamic marriage.

This second edition also features a special link to a free online marriage evaluation, a new preface by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, minor text updates, and select testimonials from The Love Dare readers. Take the dare!

P.S. They also have a book for parents: The Love Dare for Parents {which I also have a copy of.}

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The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

This is one of those books every couple needs to read. It gave me a lot of insights into who my husband is and why he does things they way he does!

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love-that’s the challenge! How can you keep your relationship fresh and growing amid the demands and conflicts and just plain boredom of everyday life?

In the #1 New York Times bestselling book The 5 Love Languages, you’ll discover the secret that has transformed millions of relationships worldwide. Whether your relationship is flourishing or failing, Dr. Gary Chapman’s proven approach to showing and receiving love will help you experience deeper and richer levels of intimacy with your partner-starting today.

“If we learn to meet each other’s deep emotional need to feel loved, and choose to do it, the love we share will be exciting beyond anything we’ve ever felt.”-Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages is as practical as it is insightful. Updated to reflect the complexities of relationships in today’s world, this new edition reveals intrinsic truths and applies relevant, actionable wisdom in ways that work. Practice the simple steps outlined in each chapter and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, mutually beneficial relationship.

There’s even more books in this series:


The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex: (And You Thought Bad Girls Have All the Fun) by Shelia Wray Gregoire

I love Shelia’s open and honest advice for Christian wives. It’s okay to have a fun sex life! I mean, God did create sex and He intended it to bring us pleasure!

Billions of people have had sex. Far fewer have made love. In the Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, author Sheila Wray Gregoire helps women see how sexual intimacy was designed to be physically stupendous but also incredibly intimate.

Whether you’re about to walk down the aisle or you’ve been married for decades, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex will lead you on a wonderful journey of discovery towards the amazing sex life God designed you for.

With humor, research, and lots of anecdotes, author Sheila Wray Gregoire helps women see how our culture’s version of sex, which concentrates on the physical above all else, makes sex shallow. God, on the other hand, intended sex to unite us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Gregoire walks through these three aspects of sex, showing how to make each amazing, and how to overcome the roadblocks in each area we often encounter.

Drawing on survey results from over 2,000 people, she also includes lots of voices from other Good Girls, giving insight into how other women have learned to truly enjoy sex in marriage.

The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language by Scott and Bethany Palmer 

This is another book I’ve read last year. If you’ve ever argued about money {and who hasn’t} you need this book.

The hidden key to a healthy relationship is not just managing money but understanding how the other approaches money. 

Every couple argues about money. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for 40 years or dating for 4 months, money touches every decision you make as a couple—from the $5 cup of coffee to the $50,000 car. And when the two of you don’t see eye-to-eye on how much to spend or how much to save, that’s when arguments turn into ugly toxic fights that leave both persons feeling hurt and angry. It’s why money has become the #1 cause of divorce in the U.S. Obviously, something needs to change. The reason this crisis has not been addressed is because it has never been identified, defined, or given a name. Scott and Bethany Palmer, aka “The Money Couple,” have identified and defined this problem and offer concrete solutions to fix it.

Once you know your Money Personality, you can get to the root of money arguments and start really working together. You’ll discover what has an impact on your loved one’s money decisions, and you’ll learn how to talk about money in a way that’s actually fun! You’ll figure out how to put an end to money secrets and lies once and for all.

It’s not just about money management, and it’s definitely not just about overcoming debt. It is a whole new way of living that will change everything in your relationship. Tens of thousands have already been transformed. Are you ready?

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The Good Fight: How Conflict Can Bring You Closer by Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott

Again, if you’re married… you’ve probably had some arguments. This book’s for you.


Drawing on extensive research, not to mention their years as marriage counselors, best-selling authors Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott uncover common misbeliefs about marital conflict.
Let’s face it, the fur flies for every couple. But only a few discover this secret:IT’S HOW YOU FIGHT, NOT WHETHER YOU FIGHTWhether you are dating, engaged, newly married or married for decades, this book is for you. Learn the practical research-proven, life-changing techniques that will show you how to turn every conflict to your advantage, leading to more intimacy and deeper respect.FIND OUT WHAT A FIGHT CAN DO FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP
The Good Fight will help you turn the most painful moments of your marriage into milestones that mark a deeper joy and greater passion for each other.Other books by the same authors: 

 Will you choose today to love more?

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  1. Again I find your insight invaluable! I have really enjoyed the last 3 posts about marriage so much. I share them on my private practice facebook page. Rock on girl...
      1. I love your post. It is truly wonderful and helpful. I would like also to see that movie. Do you have it, or did you rent it or what? The books are easy to find. Thank you for everything. I sent some Harry & David Royal Rivera Pears home with Emily. I only ordered a few. They aren't ripe yet but they are large and she said she would share them with you all.
  2. A Couple of other good books to read: "Love & Respect" by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs (A Focus on the Family Book). "Fight Fair! Winning at Conflict Without Losing At Love" by Tim & Joy Downs. I would love to get my hand on the books that you have mentioned (minus the sex ones as my hubby is impotent), but I am not able to afford them and our small Rural Library does not carry them. Especially the "Love Dare". I have the video and I have also watched it numerous times. The money book would be awesome for us.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement! I think you mean "I married a fallible man".... (Near the top if the page) Unless, of course you really think your husband is infallible!
  4. OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of purchasing things for the bedroom to remind you of your decision to love more!! :D One word of advice I got when I got married was to keep a wedding picture front and center, because you will grow older, and life will happen. He will change. You will change. But when you look at that picture you can remember that you love that man - married him for better AND worse. I see that picture every day. I walk past it to get downstairs every morning and to goto bed every night. No money right now, but I will look around and see what things I can bring or making to put in the bedroom to remind me to love more. :D Thank you for this post!
    1. Paula, I'll tell you what I did. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought one thing at a time, using the 40% off coupon you can find online each week. I LOVE Hobby Lobby and those coupons really help! :) In fact each thing I purchased for my bedroom that I talked about came from Hobby Lobby. :)
  5. Thank you for sharing this informative post! Me and my husband recently took the Love Languages quiz online - really helpful! As we have only been married for just under 6 months now, I find your advice and tips really useful and will be sure to read more from you in the future! Thanks for linking up at Grace & Truth! God bless :)
  6. Melissa, you just started me on thinking about what I should be doing to improve my marriage. Thanks for the reminder that 'It is a choice to love more'. I loved the "Five ways to stay connected" too. Thanks for sharing. clicking through from the Grace and Truth linkup.
  7. Married 40 years, turning 60 this year and yes we all need encouragement to keep alive in our marriage. Retirement can be a bore if you're not living with the man you love or love the man your with. I love him and thanks for the encouragement. We all need it. Like life, marriage has it own seasons. Like God though LOVE never changes. With Him the love is nothing but fleeting moments in the bed. Again. thanks ~Chris~
  8. Thank you for these great suggestions, Melissa. You have no idea how timely these reminders are. I love that God sets all things up, just right, to get to my heart. Glad to be joining you at the Grace & Truth linkup.
  9. Visiting from Grace and truth - thanks for all of the wonderful resources! This is an awesome list! LOVE Shelia's books! @spreadingJOY Marie
  10. Such good reminders. My marriage has definitely gone through some difficult I-don't-know-if-we're-gonna-make-it times, too. We are at 10 1/2 years now and going strong. I try to always remember that although he is not perfect, he is among my greatest blessings.
  11. This post is perfect timing for me. After a tumultuous time recently, we have been at loggerheads unnecessarily. I love the simple things you suggest like the pillow and the sign - great reminders. I will also take on your advice to not be so defensive and to stop bringing up the past. After all, what's done is done and there is nothing either him or me can do about it! Great post. Thanks for sharing at #happinessishomemade

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