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Sweeping Out Sin

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Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, think on these things. Philippians 4:8 {From Chaos to Calm Series: Day 56} @ AVirtuousWoman.org

From Chaos to Calm: Day 56

Recently, I was cleaning out some old boxes of books from when I was a teenager. I had not gone through them in years. I had forgotten many of the titles. You see, when I was a teenager, I was fascinated with the occult and creepy, spine chilling stories.

In fact these were just the kind of books I refuse to let my own children read. Looking back on those years, I realize how easily I could have taken the path of witchcraft because of my fascination. I am thankful that I put those things aside in favor of a relationship with Jesus.

Recently, we were headed out of town on a short vacation. My husband, who always double checks and triple checks to be sure the house is secure before we go anywhere, had commented to me, “How can we ask God to protect our home and expect Him to do so, when we have things in our house which are not pleasing to the Lord?”

Sweeping Out Sin

I sat in the passenger seat stunned, as I had never thought about that before. So, the day I was cleaning out the box of books, I immediately grabbed a large trash bag, dumped the books inside and hauled it out to the trash bin.

[Tweet “How many books and media do you own that do not glorify God?”]

How many movies, books, magazines, computer games, or video games do you have in your own home that you know would not glorify God? I made a commitment to sweep sin of every form out of my house. Whether it be that really “good” war film that has an inspiring story but a few too many bad words, or a novel that promotes promiscuous living, or your son’s video games where the “good guy” gets to shoot up the “bad guy,” it probably doesn’t have a place in a home where God is the center.

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Get your home in order today… sweep sin out to stay!

An Alarming Trend

I’ve noticed an alarming trend among Christian women in recent years. With the popularity of books like Harry Potter, Twilight, and 50 Shades of Gray, it seems that more and more Christian women are reading the books and embracing the idea that this is okay.

It is NOT OKAY. These books and books like them are not only harmful to your spirit and relationship with Christ, they can be harmful to your marriage as well.

The Bible says,Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

Ladies, guard your hearts!

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  1. I so agree with this article. I too have had to do many a clean sweep of my belongings.. Definitely a mind opening experience and a testimony as to how far God has brought me.
  2. Hi, I am swedish, living in one of the most unreligious countries in the world, I take great comfort in reading your blog and find community that share my values. Now, I am seriously curious, what in for example Harry Potter or Twilight is unpleasing to god? I have never even given it a thought, and I am brought up with church in a christian family. I have never thought of this, and with my older daughter being 7 and children at school talking about Harry Potter for example I fell that now that you brought it up I must think of this. So please, some guidance? I realise that my comment might be provocative, but that is not my meaning. I seriously need you to spell it out to me so I can think of this. Thank you for your inspirational blog. The sunday verses seem to always be chosen with me in mind. I suppose that is how god works. :-)
    1. Maria, it's good to ask questions! The Bible warns us about staying away from witchcraft and spirits and mediums. When we read books that embrace the evil realm, we are offering an invitation for Satan to work his deception in our lives. Demons are real. It's a dangerous thing to open our minds to evil. My step son witnessed a demon possessed boy just a couple of years ago - and the demon jumped right from this boy who was writhing on the ground into a Christian man standing next to him. The man later admitted he had things in his life that weren't right with God. It's very frightening! Vampires are "undead" creatures, tortured souls. Witches do not worship God in heaven. None of those bring glory to God who detests evil. These are tools Satan uses to deceive. If we allow our minds to dwell on evil, we are in danger of being deceived when the anti-christ comes.
  3. I recently have been looking for influences in our own home that are not of God. Stuff from B.C...Before Christ. There is freedom in flinging. We have taken books and movies and cds (cassettes even!) out to our burn pile. Stuff we had just set aside and forgotten about. I, too, had things in boxes from my childhood that my Daddy had brought to the house. Diaries and journals that I would never let my girls see! Thanks so much for your daily inspiration. Take some time to rest and heal. Love, Carolyn
  4. I see what you mean. Thank you for explaining. I will have to think about this. My church have never discussed demons in any form, and I have not thought of the other creatureds as anything other than fantasies.
  5. I just was wondering what church you go to, what 'flavor' of Christian you are, if you don't mind sharing. Thanks!

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