Planning for the New Year + My Favorite Planner Accessories

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It’s Friday, January 1st, 2016. It’s been a crazy, good few weeks leading up to the new year. I’ve had so much going on and with the launch of This is My Life! Planners in print not everything went according to plan – although it all eventually worked out and I was able to catch up on all of the orders and get everyone’s shipped aside from the ones I’ve sold in the last couple of days. I am so proud and excited about these planners!

My Favorite Planner Accessories @

We’ve had a week of staying up late with all of our family visiting – 25 of us here from Sunday through Thursday kept me busy and we had a lot of fun playing board games, cooking, eating, opening presents – and my daughter-in-law even helped me bind and package 20+ planners to ship one night.

So, today has been laid back. Which is nice considering on Monday we’ll be back doing home school, karate, gymnastics, ice skating, doctor’s visits, and so much more each week. But with the new year ahead of me, I wanted to spend a little time planning for the new year and the new month.

Planning for New Year

I haven’t finished, but it’s a start. My goals for the new year mostly have to do with how we worship as a family and how I prepare for the Sabbath. Plus, with all of our extra activites over the last few weeks, keeping up with the kitchen has been a real challenge for me. So coming up with a better system – i.e. having kids help more, is part of my goals for this year.

Some of the goals for this month include the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge I’m starting on Monday as well as eating from the freezer everyday to get it empty and ready for some freezer cooking.

I’ve also begun filling in my daily planner pages with appointments and other activities:

Planning for New Year1

Aren’t those weather stickers too cute? I’ll list the source below.

Planning for New Year2

I’m trying out a new color coding system for this year’s planner. I used a Project Life Card to make my key code and laminated it. And I always write my shopping lists on Post-It Notes.

Planning for New Year3

And for this month, I decided to go with the personalized Humming Bird Cover for my planner. It’s so pretty and I love the verse for celebrating a new year!

Planning for New Year4

This is My Life! Planner

I’ve been using my own, This is My Life! Planner for a few years now. Honestly though, this year is by far the one I’m most excited about because I have handmade these planners and they are just so pretty and functional.

Part of the homemaking experience is taking time to think things out and plan. Without a plan, life will pass you by quicker than you expect!

I want to live my life with purpose. I want 2016 to be my best year yet!

My Favorite Planner Accessories_800x500

My Favorite Planner Accessories

Now for my list of favorite planner accessories to use with my This is My Life! Planner. If you have any favorites, be sure to list them in the comments below!

And some of my favorite accessories from last year that I’m still using include:

I have found some great sources for stickers on Etsy – shops I’m sure you’ll love too!

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  1. I ordered some of the suggestions you give here. I also like to get these tabs for each month so I can easily flip to the month I need to look at. And I get some blank tabs also like these so I can label other sections I want to easily find. I love the new size of the planner and am looking forward to filling it up with "My Life".
  2. These are beautiful! I have been trying to find a planner that I adore. And I think I have found it! I will have to wait until payday to try it but I wanted to drop in and say how precious these are!! Xoxo
    1. Whitney, the planners are actually made to order, but my daughter has been in the hospital since Friday and I had to take them off because I can't make them right now. I plan to put them back up for sale when we get home from the hospital - hopefully in a few days. Thanks! :)
  3. Hi Melissa, I hope all is well with your daughter, the post I am reading from is from January. I would like to know if you were able to make any planners yet? I want every page you have and really wish I could see yours better and be able to flip through the pages and see all available. Love, love, love your encouraging words and every time I read whatever you write, it so applies to me, as if you are you are writing straight to me. Thank you for your time , Barb

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