FREE Reclaim Your Brain Stress Mastery Training {for Busy Moms}

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Remember 2019?

If I’d asked you then, “Is life stressful?” I’m guessing you would say either, “Yes!” or at least, “Yeah, sometimes.”

2020 didn’t help, did it?

I think the hardest part of everything going on is that I can’t fix things. I can’t remove the stressful events, no matter how many books I read about simplifying or stress management. I can’t control what’s happening. (Thankfully we have a God who IS in control!!)

But something came through my email this week that caught my eye though – my friend Katie from Kitchen Stewardship was sharing about her Stress Mastery training (which I guess is different from stress management).

She said there are two ways to reduce the negative impact of stress on your health:

  1. Decrease stressful events.
  2. Increase your capacity to handle stressful events.

Guess which one you’re in charge of?

I’m excited to learn more, and that’s why I’m sharing with you, too —

Katie is making her Stress Mastery for Busy Moms Super Mini eCourse completely free for 3 days!

It’s a $34.95 course, and not only will it be free of charge February 2-4, but she’s also adding a free Facebook group for support and prizes for participating and answering questions.


I’m definitely in, and I hope to see you there!

It’s free to sign up for this Reclaim Your Brain Stress Mastery Training {for Busy Moms} event, and you get the opportunity to take a whole $34.95 class, just 2 hours of work!

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