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 We’ve always been pretty health conscience. I work hard to feed my family healthy food and try to see that we are living an active healthy lifestyle.

This year, my husband and I have been working especially hard to be active on a daily basis. My husband walks an several miles a day! Me? Well, I can’t boast such great numbers, but my philosophy about exercise has changed this year.

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Instead of trying to stick to one exercise routine – I get bored easy – I’ve made it my goal just do something each and every day to be active. So, whether it’s swimming, or taking a walk, hiking in the mountains, or exercising on the floor – I just try to do something. And it’s paid off big for me this year! I’ve already lost about 15 pounds.

I’m sure you worry a lot about the health and fitness of your family, too! You want everyone to eat good, wholesome food. You want to have plenty of energy. And you’re suspicious of all the unnatural chemicals in the products you use around the house – not to mention in the medication you give your kids.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by how many “ways” we should be living “healthier.” But truly, the best way to start is not by trying to do everything all at once, but to take baby steps.

This month, try setting a goal to take a walk every day or at least every other day. Next month, set a new goal and add it to your previous goal. Just do something every day to promote health in yourself and your family and you’ll see a difference for sure.

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