My Household Notebook

So this is my household notebook binder. I’ve had this binder for a lot of years now. In all honesty, I would love, love, love a new one. I saw these Greenroom Binders – you can find them at Target – and fell in love. But, when it comes down to parting with $8.00… I just can’t do it. I could use a larger binder since the one I am using is bulging and literally cannot hold another sheet of paper.

Okay, so here’s what inside my notebook:

You open it up and find pencil case that I purchased a few years ago at Wal-Mart during th back-to-school clearance sale. I like pink. In the side pocket you’ll find one of those little 2 year calendars that was given to me by another pastor’s wife. I don’t use them ordinarily. But it was given to me about the time my hens started laying eggs and I thought why not! I use it to keep track of daily egg counts.

And it makes me happy.

Next, I have lots of page protectors filled with sheets I printed out that I use a wet-erase marker to write on. The first is a place for “Reminders” – obviously I have nothing currently important enough to remind myself here.

I purchased little plastic divider tabs at Wal-Mart and stuck them in the appropriate places on the sheet protectors.

Next, we have our “In Case of Emergency” contact information.

And then I have a print out of our family schedule – which, in truth, really need updating.

Next is the section for my daily planning. I love this set up. Things that don’t change I have permanently written on the pages. But then I have space each day to write in things I need to remember with the wet-erase marker. Each day has a place for “Daily Responsibilities and Schedules,” “Cleaning and Home Maintenance,” “Running Project List,” Post It Notes, “Today’s Menu,” “Daily Focus Activity,” and “Don’t Forget.”

When I printed these out, I had to cut and past the Cleaning and Home Maintenance onto Sunday and cut and paste “Sabbath Day Activities” onto Saturday since we keep the seventh-day sabbath.

The next section has my weekly shopping list. I write directly on the sheet protector with my marker! Then, I have several pages of blank menus that I can fill in for each week.

Next I have my One Year Meal Rotation Plan. And a section of for chores – which I forgot to photograph.

Next, is the calendar section. First, is the Birthday and Anniversary section. I can place cards I have purchased inside the sheet protector.

Then, my “Goals,” which I never filled out, oops!

A journal page for each month:

A Blog Calendar:

Monthly calendars:

I found most of these wonderful free printouts at: Prepared Not Scared.  I recently read that you can use a Sharpie on laminated pages and use Expo Dry Erase Marker cleaners to remove them and they don’t smudge. So I think I may give that a try since the wet-erase markers do smudge somewhat – not as bad a dry-erase markers, though.

If you’d like, you can print out our basic household notebook here.

What’s in your notebook?





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    My notebook is half size and sits open on my desk at all times. I have my schedule in front (in half-size sheet protectors); my To Do list next; then notes for my blog/website; health information; miscellaneous notes; Contacts and business cards; week-at-a-glance calendar; and extra note pages, blank calendar pages, and sheet protectors. I have my devotional notes in another half-size notebook. I love this size because it is easier for me to handle and take with me anywhere. My purse notebook holds 6 3/4-in. X 3 3/4-in. paper with dividers for notes; weight loss log; one-page-per-letter address book; IOU log for kids; and slider pocket for coupons. I LOVE my notebooks. They are like extra little brains to keep me straight. :) Thanks for sharing yours with us.

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    AMY says

    I was intrigued by your yearly rotating menu plan. I have been contemplating this for years and haven’t found a way to organize it very well. For example I decided to make Borsh soup this week but did not find any cabbage in June at the first grocer. I would have markded it for fall and earlier spring if I had planned. Please share more of how you organize that page. And thank you for sharing.

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    Hi, I just stumbled on to your blog. I am starting a new homemaking notebook and love many of your ideas. As a student teacher this last spring I learned that you can write on almost any hard surface including your laminated pages or page protectors with a sharpie and it will wipe off easily with nail polish remover, goo-be-gone, or expo dry erase marker remover. Thanks for sharing your notebook.

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      Katie, thank you for sharing that with us! Wow, I have always been afraid to use a sharpie on any laminated surface, but now I will give it a try. I have a laminating machine that I use all the time, so this would be great! This could revolutionize my life! :)

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