5 Daily Habits that Make Mom’s Life Easier

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Sometimes it’s just a few simple changes that can make the biggest difference. That’s why today I’m sharing five daily habits that make mom’s life easier. I believe that these 5 tips will help you get more done and have less stress!

5 Daily Habits that Make Moms Life Easier @ AVirtuousWoman.org

I had five children over the course of 12 years. As a young mom, I think I was a lot more prone to stress over everything. Now that I only have two teens still at home {the other three are either in college or married} I have relaxed a whole lot and you know what? I enjoy my life a whole lot more.

It took me a long time to realize that everything I did didn’t have to be perfect. It also took me years to learn that I didn’t need to do everything that I thought needed to be done. I let go of my unrealistic expectations and gave myself some grace!

Today I’m sharing five daily habits that help me – and could help you – enjoy life a little more and have less stress.

5 Daily Habits that Make Mom’s Life Easier

Take Time for Quiet Time

I try my best to add some quiet time into my day, but let’s face it. It’s hard.

I usually recommend moms do their best to wake up early and start their day with prayer and a devotion. I still believe that this works best for most women – but you know your lifestyle and if a different time works better for you that’s great! The important thing is that you spend time with God every day talking and listening. God wants to be near to you!

“The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” Psalm 145:18

Second, as a busy mom, when was the last time you were able to truly relax? Taking time each day just for yourself – even if it’s just a few minutes – will help you find joy.

Find time to be alone with your thoughts and refresh for the day to come. Make time for yourself every day whether it means picking up a book, taking a bubble bath, or even just watching your favorite show. It doesn’t have to be a full day affair, but you should have ample time to yourself each day.

A Good Morning Starts the Night Before 

Mornings are easily the most stressful parts of our day. In the morning we are rushing to get ready and in the evenings we are trying to clean up the mess we made from the day. Take at least one thing that you hate doing in the mornings and do it the night before. If you can’t do it ahead of time, at least find a way to prepare for it the night before.

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Both your kids and you should have a regular bedtime each and every night. Everyone may want to fight this sometimes, but create an evening routine and follow it every night. This will leave you feeling refreshed and you will be able to fall asleep easier.

Do a Little Housework Everyday

We have a tendency to wait until the end of the day to clean. However, cleaning as you go will save you time and make cleaning less tedious. When you’re done making dinner, wash the dishes while you’re waiting for it to cook. If you are done with a book, put it away afterward. These little things throughout the day will make cleanup easier.

5 Daily Habits that Make Moms Life Easier @ AVirtuousWoman.org

I suggest that you do the following every day to maintain a neat and tidy space:

  • makes beds
  • tidy kitchen
  • wash, dry, and fold laundry
  • sweep floors/ vacuum
  • wipe down bathrooms
  • 10 minute declutter

Meal Plan Every Week

Planning meals is a little time consuming, but it will make your whole week or even month run smoother. Knowing exactly what you are making each day will make it easy to plan them out and even prepare some things ahead of time if you can. This can also save you money in addition to time.

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I can’t say enough about how meal planning helps me each and every day! I rarely have a day that’s not crazy busy and when meal time is creeping up and everyone is starting to get hungry, if I don’t know what we’re eating and what to prepare I feel a lot more stress than if I know ahead of time what I’m making!

So there you go. Five habits that will make mom’s life easier! I promise if you incorporate these five habits into your daily routine you’ll feel less stress and get more done.

Is there anything you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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