5 Simple Tips to Help You Get Organized Today

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5 Tips to Help You Get Organized Today @ AVirtuousWoman.org

In this day and age, I think most of us struggle with staying organized and free of clutter. I know it seems like a never ending battle at my house! I can have the house clean and company ready and two days later you can’t even tell I cleaned if we’ve been super busy… which is like always. We do try to keep things picked up and dishes washed and bathrooms clean… most of the time. Having a routine is really the key and getting the kids to help out with chores every day really makes a difference!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips for getting organized – one step at a time. And the best part is, you can do at least one of these, if not all of them, today!

5 Simple Tips to Help You Get Organized Today

1. Wash one or two loads of laundry. If you have children, I’d bet laundry overwhelms you at least from time to time. There’s just so much of it and the pile grows everyday if you don’t stay on top of it. I suggest washing at least one load of laundry each day of the week. If you have a large family like I do, two loads a day may be in order.

2. Clean out one drawer of closet. If you’re pressed for time, choose a drawer. If you have more than 15 minutes to get some cleaning done, pick a closet that needs organizing and purging. First, remove each item from the space. Then only return those items that are still useful or well loved back to the space. If you do one drawer or closet a week, and then maintain those spaces, you’ll have 52 closets and drawers organized by the end of the year!

3. Sit down and make a meal plan. If you aren’t in the habit of making your weekly or monthly meal plans, I promise you, you’ll be thrilled with how much having a plan frees your brain and helps relieve your stress at meal time. When I fail to meal plan, we just don’t eat as well. Sad, but true.

4. Go to bed with a clean kitchen. Waking up to a messy kitchen just gets the day started off wrong. There’s nothing worse than getting up in the morning and facing stacks of dirty dishes in the sink and counters that need to be wiped down. Cleaning the kitchen before bed will save you time in the morning and brighten your spirits.

5. Purchase a Life Planner. I created This is My Life! Planners specifically for busy moms and homemakers. Each planner is designed with you in mind! The homemaking pages feature room to mark off daily chores, weekly chores, and daily routines. Plus, there’s a chart to help you remember to drink enough water each day and a place to write down appointments and other important things you need to remember. There’s also a roomy menu planner so you don’t have to think about what’s for dinner five minutes before every one is ready to eat. I know you’ll love this planner!

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  1. Hello! I just came across your web page sorta by accident and what a blessing! I'm a grandma but you are so inspiring! I have tried several times to subscribe but it does nothing! Please, I would like to receive your emails and newsletters. Thank you Barbara
  2. I just signed up to receive your newsletter and to follow your blog. You have a pure soul and a gift I am grateful you are so willing to share with others and I look forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas on our love for Him, who loved us first!
  3. Wonderful tip! We'd be honored if you'd share this at our weekly link party. http://www.thelifeofjenniferdawn.com/2016/07/diy-creative-wall-decor-and-little-bird.html Hope to see you there!
  4. These are some good tips. I have two planners that I use (one for our homeschooling life and one for my blog life.) There isn't a day that we don't do laundry. Thank you so much for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty. I hope to see you again next Friday at 12 AM EST.