Organizing Your Child’s School Papers

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Any parent will tell you that life with kids can get a bit crazy. If you thought the toddler years were packed with a lot of drawings on the fridge wait till your child starts school. The endless cycle of papers coming into the house can get out of control and your child will want to keep them all. Sometimes you will too. Organizing all of your child’s school papers can keep the mess at bay.

Tips for Organizing Your Child's School Papers @ AVirtuousWoman.org

As a homeschool mom, I can’t even begin to describe to you how overwhelming all of the paper clutter is sometimes! But whether you homeschool or not, organizing your child’s school papers can be a real challenge. That’s why I’m sharing a few tips for organizing all of that paper clutter today!

Organizing Your Child’s School Paper

A file box is a great way to organize your child’s school papers. Get one for each child so you can save important papers, and favorite bits of art as your child grows. Keep these file boxes near where your children empty back packs and have them place everything into a folder at the front for your to sort later. Here’s one specifically designed for keeping your child’s best papers organized through the years.

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Create an art wall where your children can display favorite art work. When one goes up another much come down and be placed where you intend to store it or into the recycling bin. This will keep your child from keeping every single project due to limited space and you will not find art all over the entire house. Organizing your child’s school papers by giving them a prominent place in your home will also make your child feel good about their accomplishments! Check out this display wall mount here.

Go digital. Taking photographs of your child’s work or scanning into your computer is a great way to organize your child’s school papers without having to keep them in the house. Simply scan or photograph papers as they come in label the file with a date and go on with your day knowing you saved that project without keeping it around the house for years to come.

Teach your child what to save. If your child insists on keeping every single file and paper you will need to teach them about prioritizing. That A+ spelling test and the art project that made it into the school art show are keepers. That work sheet on how to spell dog and coloring sheet with just a line of blue not so much.

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Clean out backpacks regularly. Backpacks are what brings the massive piles of school work into the house and if not cleaned out regularly can become a collection ground that will make finding due homework a challenge and leave your child’s back strained as they carry unnecessary things to and from school every day.

Tips for Organizing Your Child's School Papers @ AVirtuousWoman.org

Use binders and folders to your advantage for keeping your child organized. A folder simply for homework each night moving from work to do on the left to finish on the right will help your child see what needs to be done and what is ready to go for tomorrow. Without a system in place children will easily lose homework and grades can slip easily.

Communicate with your child’s teacher VIA Email. Often paper notes sent home get lost or forgotten by children. When you communicate with your child’s teacher through email you have control over what information you see instead of hoping your child brings that note home without losing it. you also get the pleasure of not having that extra paperwork running around your home when it gets sat down or forgotten.

How do you deal with organizing your child’s school papers? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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