Sweet Breads| Quick Breads to Make for Breakfast

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There are several reasons I love making sweet breads for breakfast. The first of which is how easy they are to make from start to finish as well as the fact that you can make sweet breads ahead of time and they taste as good or even better than when you first pull them out of the oven. As a homemaker, it’s great to have a few tried and true sweet bread recipes you can make on a moment’s notice.

I’ve always been a lover of wonderful sweet breads. They are so versatile – you can serve them for breakfast, as a sweet treat at the end of dinner, as a snack in the middle of the day, or serve them as a part of a special luncheon.

Sweet breads are also perfect to make ahead and freeze – most of them do very well. You can gift them to neighbors or church members, family or friends.

The other day, my daughter Hannah made us a delicious pumpkin pecan coffee cake – from one of my favorite homemaking blogs. It was so good! I have to admit we dug into that while it was still warm! But it was just as delicious the next day for breakfast with a cup of my favorite hot drink!

Today I’m sharing sweet breads that are perfect to serve for breakfast. I hope you enjoy this collection of quick and easy sweet breads for breakfast!

Sweet Breads for Breakfast

This collection of sweet breads has a two different types of sweet breads you can serve for breakfast.

  1. quick loaf breads
  2. coffee cakes

There are other types of sweet breads, but I’ll share those in a different post!

What are the different types of sweet breads?

Some of the different types of sweet breads you can make include:

  • streusels or coffee cakes
  • quick sweet breads (loafs)
  • muffins
  • scones
  • yeast breads

Can sweet breads be frozen?

Yes. Most sweet bread recipes freeze well and are great as a make ahead option.

How to Freeze Sweet Breads

  1. Allow sweet bread to cool completely.
  2. After cool, wrap sweet breads in wax paper or parchment paper.
  3. Then, wrap the bread with aluminum foil or place in a freezer bag.
  4. Be sure to label your sweet bread and date it!

Notes: Coffee cakes freeze best in the pan you baked them in. You can also freeze sweet breads in individual servings, by cutting into slices or squares before wrapping.

I hope you enjoy this collection of quick sweet breads that are easy to make!

What to Serve with Sweet Breads for Breakfast

Sweet breads are a wonderful addition to breakfast and can be perfect for busy mornings when you want to grab some food and go. They are a great make ahead option.

If you want to avoid getting hungry mid morning, you’ll probably want to serve the sweet bread with something a little more filling like a protein. Some ideas of what to serve with your sweet bread for breakfast are:

  • eggs, cooked to order
  • oatmeal
  • a handful or two of nuts

If your sweet bread recipe has lots of nuts in it or has other hearty ingredients like oatmeal, it will be more filling and give you that boost of energy and clarity that’s so important in the mornings.

If you are serving your sweet bread as part of a nice, late brunch you might want to serve it alongside some of these dishes:

  • scrambled eggs
  • quiche
  • fresh fruit
  • your favorite sausage or sausage alternative

Always remember when planning your menu to choose recipes that are well balanced. For instance:

  • If you are serving something heavy and rich, serve lighter options alongside it like fresh fruit to balance it out.
  • If you are serving something sweet, like a sweet bread, be sure to serve something a little more savory and hearty alongside the sweet bread.

Do you have a favorite sweet bread recipe in your family? Share it in the comments below!

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