Delicious Vegan Picnic Recipes You’ll Love!

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I love picnics. Summertime lends itself so well to outdoor activities as I’m sure you know! Whenever we do outdoor activities, I love to pack a picnic. Today I’m sharing a collection of delicious vegan picnic recipes for those of you who have special diets, food allergies, or even family members who are vegan.

Finding the perfect picnic recipes really can make your picnic so much more enjoyable!

Picnics can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. What’s really important is that you have fun. Packing food your family (and friends) enjoy and look forward to is definitely part of the experience!

Vegan Picnic Recipes & Ideas

These vegan picnic recipes are simple to prepare and will make the perfect addition to your picnic whether everyone at your picnic is vegan or not.

In our house, we’re vegetarian and a lot of my extended family is vegetarian or vegan. My girls and I like to eat vegan much of the time, but still eat dairy products from time to time.

For me personally, I feel better when the majority of my meals are vegan. I feel healthier and it’s easier to maintain my weight.

Being a vegetarian has many health benefits.

Vegetarian substitutions for meat:

You’ll find these products in the freezer aisle or health food section of your local grocery store. You can also find these products at most health food stores like Whole Foods.

Our family loves picnics and in the warm weather months (and sometimes even when it’s chilly) you’ll find us at the park sharing a picnic together – often on a weekly basis.

We usually meet a bunch of our extended family who live in the area at the park and everyone will bring something to eat. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s fun and creates wonderful memories for our family.

We like to take hikes, swim in the lake, watch the kids on the playground and basically just enjoy the great outdoors.

Of course, we have our favorite picnic recipes, but I’m always looking for new ones to add to our repertoire. I hope you’ll find some new favorite picnic recipes today!

11 Vegan Picnic Sandwiches

These simple vegan sandwiches would be a perfect addition to your picnic. Simple and easy to make picnic recipes are a must!

22 Vegan Picnic Salads

Some of these salads would make a perfect main dish recipe and others are more fitting as a side dish. One things about it though, every picnic needs a salad!

8 Vegan Picnic Side Dishes

Vegan recipes don’t have to be boring! These recipes below would all make fantastic additions to your next picnic.

More Vegan Picnic Side Dishes Ideas:

  • raw veggies and dip
  • sliced fruit
  • watermelon
  • corn on the cob
  • tortilla chips and salsa

7 Vegan Picnic Desserts & Snacks

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  1. These all look so colourful and flavourful, Melissa! After reading your post I can see I need to get more creative with my salads Thanks for including my Ginger Coconut Cookies.