You know it’s cold when…

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… your horses have icicles hanging off their fur. That was the sight that greeted us today when we went up to take care of our horses. Yeah. It was that cold. 9 degrees to be exact when we were up there.

We had about 10 inches of snow, too. The well has been out at the place where we keep our four horses for about six weeks now and so we have to haul about 40 gallons of water to the horses everyday. In the snow. And we can’t drive to where the horses are, we have to park at the top of the driveway because of all the ice and snow. We live in the mountains. The whole ordeal takes about two hours between hauling the water, moving the hay, and making sure no one horse gets greedy with his or her buddies food.

Having horses this last year has been a very rewarding experience. Really! Having the horses makes all the cold and pain worth it! Owning the horses has tested our endurance and we have learned some things we never knew this winter. Mainly that 9 degrees is really cold and 24 degrees feels really warm in comparison!! Ah… for the love of a horse (or five).

Laura, age 7, riding our horse Lady Belle this summer.

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