30 Ways to Pray for Your Husband + Free Printable Bookmarks

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There are so many ways to be a good wife. One of the best ways is to pray for your husband. Today I’m sharing 30 ways to pray for your husband plus some free printable bookmarks to use in your Bible or during your devotion time.

30 Ways to Pray for Your Husband @ AVirtuousWoman.org

30 Ways to Pray for Your Husband

Dear Heavenly Father, today I pray for my husband…

  1. for wisdom and discernment
  2. against fear and doubt
  3. for his work environment
  4. for his financial decisions
  5. against temptations
  6. for his leadership
  7. that he will use his spiritual gifts
  8. against lust
  9. for his role at church
  10. for his safety
  11. for our marriage
  12. for my attitude toward him
  13. that he will be a good friend
  14. that he will honor his vows
  15. for his ability to forgive
  16. for healing of past hurts
  17. for confidence
  18. for a healthy self image
  19. for his work ethic
  20. for purity of heart and mind
  21. for his words
  22. for his relationships with friends
  23. that he will be a good and kind father
  24. for his faith and trust in God
  25. for his heart to be soft
  26. that he will read and study the Bible
  27. for his health and desire to exercise
  28. against envy and covetousness
  29. for his self image
  30. for patience and joy

Free Printable 30 Ways to Pray for My Husband Bookmarks & Checklist

These three bookmarks and checklist feature 30 Ways to Pray for Your Husband. Print the bookmarks out and use them in your Bible or devotional book. Or use the checklist in your Bible and Prayer Journal. You can reference them during your prayer time!

30 Ways to Pray for My husband @ AVirtuosuWoman.org
Praying for My Husband Bookmarks

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