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Connecting with Your Beloved | Day 15

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Welcome to Day 15 of our series, From Chaos to Calm: 15 Weeks to a Happy Home. Today we’re talking about five ways you can become more emotionally connected to your husband.

From Chaos to Calm: Day Fifteen

Your Beloved

Scripture Memory: “My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies.” Song of Songs 2:16

After a while, married life can get in the way of your love life! If you’ve never really read the book, Song of Songs, in the Bible, you really should! God created romance and passion. Marriage is supposed to be physically and emotionally satisfying.

As a Godly wife, you should spend time each day focusing your thoughts and efforts on your husband. Get your heart ready to receive his love in the evenings or whenever you are together. Show him your love – not just with your words, but with your actions. Be his best friend.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” This is certainly true when it comes to your husband. If you tell him you love him but then never accept his advances or initiate intimacy, he’ll wonder what’s wrong. If you say you love him but treat him with disrespect or disregard, he’ll feel unloved.

Focus your heart toward him. Think of those special moments you and your husband have shared together in the past. Just thinking about your love and all the reasons why you love him will help you feel more like connecting with him when you are together.

#1 Read and pray together. A fun way to build intimacy together would be to read one chapter of the Song of Songs each night before going to bed. Set up a promise of love and commitment each night and pray together.

If you feel uncomfortable praying out loud with your husband, which isn’t unusual, practice praying out loud when you have your morning devotions. By praying together you will be less likely to experience the sorrow of divorce, adultery, or other trauma in your marriage. Set the tone for your relationship. Problems don’t always go away immediately, but by changing your own attitude toward your husband, you will see a difference.

#2 Talk to each other – and really listen. Communication is key to any healthy relationship. Marriage is no different! Talk about what you like about each other, how you like to be touched, what things you would like to do together, your dreams, and common goals. Look forward to your future together.

#3 Be emotionally vulnerable. It can be difficult to break down our own personal walls. You can’t force anyone else to be vulnerable, but you can be emotionally vulnerable yourself. Brene Brown said, “Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity.”

#4 Compliment your husband daily. Saying nice words is so important! You need to be making it a priority to find things to praise your husband about. This can be as simple as saying, “I love you so very much.” or “I really appreciate all the effort you put into this.”

#5 Make sex a priority. Sex is about so much more than just physical intimacy. True intimacy is really about sharing your heart and body with your husband – things you don’t share with anyone else.

Sheila Wray Gregorie said, “We’re naked together, which is intimate. In order to relax and really let go and feel good, we have to become vulnerable. We have to tell him what we like, and we have to literally and figuratively let him in. Literally because that’s how sex works, and figuratively because for women, sex is mostly in our heads.”

Making your marriage relationship a priority is the best way you can stay emotionally connected for a lifetime. I hope these five ideas have given you something to think about and pray about today!

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Action Steps to Take Today

  1. Pray and ask God to bless your marriage relationship and to show you today how you can be a blessing to your husband.
  2. Commit to making your husband a priority instead of an afterthought.
  3. Ask your husband to tell you if there’s anything he wishes were better in your relationship.
  4. Download my free printable Bible Promises for a Happy Marriage below, if desired.

How do you show your husband you love him?

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  1. Thanks for your words of encouragement. They inspire a heart that longs to follow God and please her husband while trying to clean up the mess made from years of not doing those things. With much gratitude!
  2. Hello Melissa, I am really enjoying the devotionals. They are really ministering to me and they have come in at the right time. I thank God for finding your website. I believe God led me here. However, I want to how i can access the messages from Day 1??
    1. Hi Marjorie, I am so glad you are enjoying the From Chaos to Calm series. You can find the first one here: http://avirtuouswoman.org/2013/02/25/preparing-journey/ Thanks for visiting with me! God bless you.
  3. Hi Melissa, Thanks for the series. I was expecting to be challenged on a few topics, but you have surprised me in so many areas. I think I will need to go back to the beginning and spend a bit more time on some (many, all??) of the days. My husband might not recognise me by the end of this. :-)
  4. I was able to be outside early and enjoy the devotional earlier than usual. I was trying to think about this when a news site that I read popped up on the phone here. It was about church news. OH MY HOW SHAMEFUL. We as ladies we really NEED TO BE AT LEAST TRYING TO DO THIS WITH OUR BELOVED. Little foxes can get in. THANK YOU MELISSA HOW MUCH YOU ARE DOING. We read together and hold hands and pray. Im going to check for other things to date my husband
  5. Melissa, Thank you so much for this series. It is really helping me connect with the Lord and changing my attitudes towards my husband, chores and our life. Thank you!

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