Italian Night: Themed Dinner Ideas + 8 Easy Meal Plans

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Italian Night is the perfect way to spend time with family and friends. Whether you’re an expert cook or not, it’s easy to make your own Italian Night themed dinner! This post will provide you with some of our favorite recipes for all types of dishes, as well as some creative ideas that will help make your next Italian night unforgettable.

Italian Night Themed Dinner Ideas @

Meal planning and menu creation reduce the hassles of meal times which will ultimately help save you time and money. Busy moms need easy-to-follow systems that don’t leave them feeling overwhelmed. Planning your weekly menu becomes a breeze with these simple themed dinner ideas.

Today I’m sharing some great ideas for your next Italian Night themed dinner. I hope you love this collection of Italian Night dinner ideas!

This list of budget-friendly Italian dinner ideas will help you save money at the grocery store and plan this week’s meals ahead of time! Planning your week’s worth of meals in this way makes it easy to order the groceries you need from the grocery store and whip up a delicious meals every day for your family

I like themed dinner ideas because they allow me to come up with dining recipes quickly. For example, when planning your meals for the week, you might think:

This Friday our themed dinner menu will be Italian Night. What can I make that fits this dinner theme?

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Italian Night Themed Dinners

How to plan your menu in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select your main dish.
  2. Choose 2 – 3 side dishes that compliment your main dish.
  3. Think about variety of food groups. Try to choose something from each of the main food groups.
  4. Focus on providing well rounded, nutritious meals.

Note: If you’re vegetarian and want some tips on how to convert recipes click here.

Italian Night Recipes | Italian Dinner Ideas

32 Italian Dinner Recipes | Main Dishes

Here are some delicious and easy sandwich dinner ideas for your next Italian Night themed dinner.

More Italian night dinner side dish ideas:

  • steamed frozen vegetables (corn, broccoli, etc.)
  • beans or peas
  • fruit salad or sliced fruit
  • garden salad
  • bread, rolls, or toast

6 Easy Spaghetti Dinner Dessert Ideas

Every Italian dinner needs a sweet treat at the end to round the meal off. These quick and easy Italian inspired desserts hit the spot every time.

Theme Day Menus: Spaghetti Sunday

Let’s put it all together. I’ll show you how I would create menus based on the Italian Night themed dinner ideas (Italian dinner ideas) I’ve shared above. 

Wish someone would do all your menu planning for you? Good news! Eat at Home Meal Planning service is a simple solution for busy women just like you. 

8 Spaghetti Dinner Menu Plans

These simple Italian dinner meal plans will help you figure out what to cook this week!

Themed Dinner Idea #1

Themed Dinner Idea #2

Themed Dinner Idea #3

Themed Dinner Idea #4

Themed Dinner Idea #5

Themed Dinner Idea #6

Themed Dinner Idea #7

Themed Dinner Idea #8

I hope you enjoyed these Italian themed dinner night recipes and ideas as much as we do! Let me know in the comments below if there are any other favorite dishes or flavors that should be added to this list.

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  1. Wow, this is such an awesome example of how to make easy Italian themed dinners! As I was scrolling through the recipes reading the descriptions I came across a salmon dish I would really like to try making. Tuscan Butter Salmon Recipe sounds so good! I think that it is a very sound idea to think of a theme for dinner and work around that. I have enjoyed doing similar themed dinners before. Thank you for compiling all these recipes, that must take a lot of time to do and it is very helpful to have so many recipes mentioned on one page. I look forward to making some Italian dinners in the future and thank you for putting all of this on your post together, you did a very good job! The Lord bless you