12 Qualities of Lasting Love

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Having a healthy marriage takes a lot of work. And it can’t be one sided – it takes both the husband and wife being fully committed to making it work! Today I’m talking about 12 qualities of lasting love that make for a long and happy life together!

12 Qualities of Lasting Love @ AVirtuousWoman.org

There is no “easy button” you can push to acheive a “happily ever after” relationship.  It takes work and commitment to build a solid, loving relationship that will stand the test of time.  Both partners have to be willing to work at it and understand that lasting relationships don’t just happen overnight. You have to start with a strong foundation and build from there.

1 Peter 4:8: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

12 Qualities of Lasting Love

Here are 12 habits of happy couples who have found lasting love:

#1 Support

Healthy couples understand that in order to receive their partner’s support, they must first give it. They try to help and support each other every day.

#2 Independence

While it’s important to spend quality time together, healthy couples understand that they also need time with their friends and even time alone. It’s fine to have dreams that you want to explore on your own.

#3 Respect

You may not always agree with your partner’s ideas or opinions, but it is important to respect them.  Try to inspire and lift each other up.  Always maintain respect for each other.

#4 Communication

Men and women communicate differently.  Our brains process thoughts differently so we naturally communicate them in different manners. The most critical habit healthy couples have is the ability to communicate in a way that the other person understands and can respond to in a positive manner.

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#5 Consideration

Everyone has feelings.  We may not always express them or feel them the same, but we all have the right to be heard by our partner. Healthy couples seek to understand each other. While they may not always share the same desires, they recognize and appreciate their differences.

#6 Passion

Healthy couples radiate passion about life, love, and happiness. They appreciate the value of every moment and they have mastered the art of being present and mindful.

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#7 Friendship

People in happy relationships enjoy spending time together, no matter what they are doing. They can enjoy a night on the couch with a movie or go out for dinner at their favorite restaurant.  As long as they are together, they are happy.

#8 Optimism

Optimism is key to a happy life, and a happy relationship. These couples believe the best is yet to come and they strive every day to be a part of it. They know that they hold the power to control situations instead of letting situations control them.

#9 Trust

Trust is something you have to earn.  Happy couples understand that, in order to have a solid foundation, there has to be trust. Choosing to be in a relationship with someone means choosing to trust them.

#10 Compromise

Compromise is a necessary ingredient to a healthy, happy relationship.  It’s important to learn how to meet in the middle and sometimes do things you don’t feel like doing, just because it makes your partner happy.

#11 Partnership

When two people come together to form a team, they increase the value of each other’s life. Happy couples believe in each other and complement each other.

#12 Gratitude

Happy couples have a true appreciation for each other. Not just for the relationship, but for everything they are as individuals. They take the time to say, “thank you.”  They remind each other how grateful they are to have the other in their lives.

How long have you been married? Do you have some tips you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

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  1. It is important to have friends and each your own interests. Opposite-sex friendships need boundaries. Each couple has there own boundaries that they must agree with but allow changes if things feel uncomfortable. Me and my husband just agreed to change the rules recently that we can have opposite-sex friendships if there is no texting or hanging out with them without the other spouse involved. I recently had to change my husband's same-sexfriend boundaries because I started feeling uncomfortable when he was telling her stuff that he wasn't telling me. She got really angry and broke up our friendship too. I didn't think it was a sexual attraction just a breach of trust. She accused me of not trusting her and accusing her of something more than friendship. But it's my husband and I make the rules not her, she has to respect me enough to back off. So I lost a friend but it was nessesary. I told my husband the same rules and now we both agree no texting or hanging out unless we are all together for future siduations. I felt like a huge burden was lifted from me because it apparently has been bothering me more than I realized. She had told me before I changed the rules that, he tells her stuff and she doesn't tell me, like I tell her stuff that she doesn't tell him. I didn't want her in the middle so I had to call her and tell her the new rules. She immediately got hurt and said have a nice life. So we are estranged. She also said she didn't want me to blame her for my screwed up life. A flag flew up for me that maybe he had said stuff to her about us that was not appropriate about our disagreements. I'm so glad I put a stop to it.

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